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New Year, Same Me!

Would you look at that, it's already 2019! Another year gone and supposedly that makes you another year wiser, but that isn't always the reality of it. The new year comes in and we are all adamant we will stick to our new diet or get at least 6 months out of our new gym membership, because new year means new me right? I am sure after years of doing new year's resolutions we would have 'wised up' to the fact that they just don't work, but it's that constant struggle of trying to change yourself that causes all the problems.

I think it should be new year, same old me because if it's not broken why change it? We need to learn a little self love is all, plenty of us don't see the good things or focus solely on the bad that we go on thinking we need to change. Concentrate on improving or bettering yourself and surround yourself with positivity, accept yourself as you are and I think you will find 2019 looks a bit more bright.

Personally, this year I want to better myself and learn to shrug off the negativity and soak up positive vibes only. Life isn't all about stress or anxiety from work or relationships etc, it's more than that, I want more than that. This is why I am going to look forward and keep moving towards a better, brighter version of myself so that I can smile more and start to enjoy this year of being plain old Clairebear!

This is all relevant to my photography too, as I am looking forward to continuing to create more wonderful images that can be cherished for years to come and learning along the way how to improve and better my skills. So if you have anything special planned for 2019 and you want to capture it then I would love to hear from you. Let's make 2019 great together folks!

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