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A trip to the aquarium

This weekend just gone was a chance to spend some time with my boyfriend and we decided to visit London Sea Life Aquarium. It was fairly quiet and wandering through all the various parts of the aquarium left me 'ooohhing and ahhhing' as if I were a child again.

Every spot was filled with colour and interesting facts that I found myself having a wonderful time simply taking it all in. There was no flash photography allowed, however it challenged me to take some low light photos and honestly it was so much fun. I was only using my phone, but choosing a good angle or composition was a little harder in the dark and it made me think about my shots a bit more. Here are some results.

As a photographer I think it is important to challenge yourself and keep capturing no matter the moments, you often create great memories that way! My phone is obviously not my first choice for taking such shots, nonetheless it captured the feelings of the trip and a lot of the time I felt so immersed in the movements of the water and the creatures that I felt like I had gone on an underwater adventure somewhere far away.

My favourite part of the aquarium was the Jellyfish as they were so breath-taking and enchanting, it's a bit like when you become entranced watching a fire crackle away, I couldn't take my eyes off their bobbing and jiggling. The images don't do them justice, so if you have the chance to visit in person, I highly recommend. Here are some shots of their intoxicating vibes.

Overall, this day trip gave me a chance to try something different and give myself a different approach to creating an image, I think it is something I would like to continue to do in my everyday life. Maybe apply certain techniques or choose certain words to trigger a sort of brief and see what I can create. For example using the rule of thirds to compose an image, use angles or lines or perhaps change perspective with the depth of field. The aquarium definitely invoked the word and use of colour so let's see what the future brings in the form of photographic challenges next time. Some more images below from the trip.

Would you give it go? How would you challenge your photography?

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